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      Kunshan kangda textile co.,ltd.
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      ABOUT US

      Kunshan Kangda Textile Co., Ltd. is located in Kunshan City of Jiangsu Province; located in the Yangtze River Delta-the most developed economy in China, Kunshan City is an important emerging industrial and commercial city in the Shanghai economic circle. Our company was established in 2010. Relying on the advantages of our company on technique and management, Kangda now has become a professional enterprise integrating fabric weaving, fabric development, and the import, export and processing of textiles. At present, our company has tens of thousands of square meters of fabric processing plants and hundreds of employees. Headquartered in Kunshan city, our company consists of sales department, new product development department, production department, quality assurance department and after-sales service department.

      Company was founded in 2010
      The annual production capacity reaches 30 million meters
      It covers an area of more than 10000 square meters


      Specializing in the development, production and sales of various functional fabrics

      Athleisure fabric


      Outdoor supplies fabrics


      Down jacket, cotton jacket, polar fleece fabric


      High waterproof breathable and wicking fabric


      Printing fabric


      Fluorescent flame retardant antistatic


      Recycled eco-friendly fabric


      Customized products


      Why Did You Choose Kangda?

      Manufacturers with excellent technology and sources of goods support customized and considerate services

      Brand strength

      Quality comes from persistence

      Quality comes from persistence, innovation changes life - this is our concept

      Abide by contracts and keep promises - this is our principle

      We are fearless, not because of ignorance, but because of strength.

      Exclusive customization

      Keep the contract and promise

      It exceeds Oeko-Tex100 standard and has passed the test certification of SGS and its general standard technical service company

      We sincerely hope to establish cooperative relations with customers at home and abroad on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.

      Our company has obtained en20471; EN1149; EN14116; En343 certificate

      Honest business

      What we get is not only your order, but also your trust.

      Adhering to the principle of integrity-based and customer first, Kangda Textile continues to explore and innovate, and has become a leader in textile fabric development and textile import and export processing enterprises

      Looking forward to professional technology, excellent products and warm service, we sincerely welcome friendly people from all walks of life to visit and exchange

      What we pursue is not the profit of No.1. What we pursue is to talk about business in good faith and win-win cooperation with customers.


      Focus on market development and master first-hand information

    3. Warm service, we sincerely welcome friendly people from all walks of life to visit and exchange

    4. Exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States and other countries

    5. The fabric with the best production performance has become the most reliable supplier

    6. Into Kangda Textile

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      26th floor, building D, Longqi Lijing international, Qianjin East Road, Kunshan, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

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